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Our lash lift is a new generation RAPID keratin lash lifting system that curls, defines, nourishes, thickens and strengthens the lash structure, giving a perfect lift, color and shine to our client's eyelashes.

This new generation rapid formula cuts appointment times at least in half compared to traditional Lash Lift & Tint Systems, while producing amazing results every single time. 


#1 Lift Lotion is a Thioglycolic Acid based Alkaline Lift Lotion.

#2 Set Lotion is a Hydrogen Peroxide based neutralizer lotion (Sodium Bromate free formulation)

#3 Keratin Botox is a Keratin infused Lash Botox Conditioning Treatment. LEARN MORE why it's so amazing!


Its vacuum pump packaging is designed to allow to use every milligram of the product without any waste; pump keeps the product fresh for longer as no air gets inside the packaging so it stays sealed and protected from external agents.


Timing for Perfection Laboratory® "#2 set" neutralizing lotion should equal the processing timing for the "#1 lift" lotion

5 mins – very fine natural lashes

6 mins - thin, soft natural lashes

7 mins - medium thickness natural lashes

8 mins - thick natural lashes


5 ml (up to 30 treatments)