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Our signature collection lashes are ultra-black with a subtle velvet-sheen. These lashes are tapered at the last 1/2 of the extension, making the lash body softer and lighter than other lash types yet allowing you to create a fuller and darker look. Perfection Laboratory lashes are all double heated for the best curl retention and consistency.

Our lash extensions are handcrafted with the highest quality PBT fibers that are soft and flexible and are the perfect porosity for best retention. These lashes have a round basis on the cut and possess the seamless interlocking mechanism that allows you create and place perfect fans efficiently.

These lashes fan like butter and are suitable for any handmade fanning method. Ideal for hybrid, volume, and mega volume lashing.

+ fan like butter

+ 16 rows per tray

+ up to 11,000 lashes per tray (depending on the diameter)

+ consistent curls that do not flatten out over time

+ highest quality PBT fibers with the perfect porosity for the best interlocking with natural lash and best retention

+ silver foil backing (no paper) for easy peeling and no residue on tiles

+ 2mm strip with medium stickiness for optimal fanning speed

+ diameter, curl and length indicators are printed on each individual row

+ Each lash tray has an indicator label (curl, length, diameter) on both the bottom section for optimal organization

+ available in 0.03, 0.05, 0.07 diameters

+ available in 5MM - 18MM in 0.07 diameter

+ available in 8MM - 18MM in 0.03 and 0.05 diameter


Note: We do not recommend purchasing this product without handmade volume lash training.

We strive to bring you the high-end quality products at affordable prices. That is why all our lash trays have 16 rows to get you the most for your money. Each tray contains up to 11,000 lashes depending on their thickness.

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