Our story

Our lash journey started the same way everyone’s does - on a quest for the high quality affordable products. Trying product after product, we realized that so few brands were actually creating something truly high quality and unique. We figured out that the same few factories were making both the cheap stuff and the expensive stuff. And most of the brands did not put any research in developing their products - it was all the same, just with a different sticker. 

So we wrangled up some research on the problems we wanted to solve for ourselves and after months of testing we have finally developed these products. 

And they performed exactly the way we wanted. And we liked them. And our clients loved them. So did our lash friends. And it wasn’t long before everyone was asking to buy them.

We decided that we were on to something. So we created a product line by Perfection Laboratory. By lash professionals for lash professionals. With love.

Everything we create is of exceptional quality.

We develop our innovative products and proprietary technologies with scientists and R&D experts. Strategic partnerships allow for multiple prototypes, that are tested for months in the lash and brow community, resulting in uniquely effective formulas.

Once created, all our products are thoroughly tested by beauty professionals on real clients for months. Only the products that pass that final tests and prove superb results make their way to our online store.

Knowledge of ingredients combined with a deep understanding of the chemical processes in lash extensions, brow lamination and lash lift procedures allows us to create truly innovational formulas that can deliver outstanding results.

Plus, we provide skills-based training for a global community of lash and brow artists who have one common goal: to ensure the healthy, long lasting results for their clients.

Perfection Laboratory is a constant work in progress. That’s the very nature of the best products. That’s what we love about it. And we hope you’ll enjoy learning, trying our innovative products, and being a part of our lash gang too.