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Our lash lift is a new generation RAPID keratin lash lifting system that curls, defines, nourishes, thickens and strengthens the lash structure, giving a perfect lift, color and shine to our client's eyelashes.

This new generation rapid formula cuts appointment times at least in half compared to traditional Lash Lift & Tint Systems, while producing amazing results every single time. 


#1 Lift Lotion is a Thioglycolic Acid based Alkaline Lift Lotion.

#2 Set Lotion is a Hydrogen Peroxide based neutralizer lotion (Sodium Bromate free formulation)

#3 Hydrolysed Keratin  is a Keratin infused Lash and Brow Conditioning Treatment that stimulates the hair growth, deeply moisturizes and restores the strength of the brow hair. LEARN MORE why it's so amazing!


Its vacuum pump packaging is designed to allow to use every milligram of the product without any waste; pump keeps the product fresh for longer as no air gets inside the packaging so it stays sealed and protected from external agents.


Timing for Perfection Laboratory® "#1 lift" perming lotion

7 mins – very fine natural lashes

8 mins - thin, soft natural lashes

10 mins - medium thickness natural lashes

12 mins - thick natural lashes


5 ml (up to 30 treatments)

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