Volume Glue Cups

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Disposable Glue Cups for Volume Fans

Allows you to create a skinnier base twice as fast and keeps the glue fresh for twice as long as it would be on any other surface!

How frustrating is it when you create a fan and the base of your fan splits open! No more split ends with this Volume Glue Cups. Simply dip the fan base into the glue and slide the fan through the grooves of the cap - the PERFECT fan created!

The best part? When you’re finished, simply toss in the trash, and avoid the dreaded glue clean up!

How to use:

  • Pull few lashes from the strip
  • Dip in the glue
  • Put in between the gaps of the cap
  • Open the tweezer slightly
  • The fan is being created!

 Product Details:

  • Colour: clear 
  • Material: plastic

Available in packs of 100 and 50 pc.